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The dodo was known to show up at local skateparks completely drunk after eating fermented berries he found under a tree. He skated against the stream, often getting in the way of the other, more serious skaters. He did tricks nobody really liked. One day, the dodo did a trick so horrendously obscene, that all the cool skaters decided they couldn’t stand the sight of him any longer. They came up with a plan to get rid of the dodo. All tricks must be very difficult, yet look slightly the same. They made strict rules, started contests and judged everyone; skateboarding would be only for serious people. The dodo did not like this and kept doing his own thing. But all the other skaters told him he must do as everyone else, or he would have to leave skateboarding. The dodo did not agree to this, as he wanted to keep having fun. So he came up with a plan to change skateboarding forever. But then he got drunk. And forgot.

*Please note that the 8.25″ boards have a yellow wood stain as opposed to the natural wood stain in other sizes

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